Series is the best way to manage your Roblox team

Series is the new and smarter way to grow and build your Roblox group through the use of activity tracking & staff management.

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What's Series?

Series understands the difficulties associated with starting and managing a successful Roblox group in 2023. We know how difficult it can be to manage a staff team, enforce a schedule, and keep on top of everything. Series helps you by automating all of the long and complicated tasks that hold your team back from being the best it can be.

Monitor Growth

Build an excellent Roblox team using Series. We'll help you find the best and most dedicated staff members.

Analyse Activity

Track every minute your staff spend in your Roblox game. You'll find out who's really putting in the effort.

Manage & Log

Store all of the warnings, promotions, demotions and everything else about your team through Series.

Frequently Asked Questions

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